Best Practices for a Lead Capture Popup

Best Practices for a Lead Capture Popup

In the constantly improving field of conversion optimization, exit-intent popups are now a big thing. Exit-intent technology leads to more email subscriptions by engaging a visitor just as they are about to leave your site. The popup is your attempt to reach out and create a relationship – so to speak.

The technology is able to react when it detects that the visitor is about to navigate away from the browser page, and initiates to them a popup box. This tool gives you a chance to communicate why the visitor should consider subscribing, offer them something of value in exchange for signing up, and takes advantage of the 10-15% of lost visitors that can be saved and ushered back into the sales funnel.

Let’s learn how to best use exit-intent technologies to capture more leads.

Develop and Bolster Your Email List

You don’t always have to use an exit-intent popup to make a sale; data from Optimonk shows that sites have success in capturing emails for a subscriber’s list, not necessarily a direct sale. In fact, you can recover between 3 to 5% of traffic that you would have lost by installing a popup request to join your email list. Further, boost these numbers by up to nearly 10% by offering an incentive such as a white paper or ebook in exchange for the sign-up.

Use Cart Abandonment to Your Advantage

However, exit intent is a great strategy for e-commerce site sales. It turns out that exit-intent popup technology successfully recaptures about 10% of the business that would otherwise be lost. It can go as high as 15% with certain considerations. For one; remove the email requirement and simply offer an immediate discount if they purchase now instead of abandoning the cart. This can simply involve free shipping – it often works wonders!

The Exit-Intent Redirect Popup

Another use for popups that’s been successful is the redirection option. When the exit-intent tech thinks your visitor may be leaving the site, the popup appears to direct the traffic to another page on your website. It provides you with another shot at conversion if your landing page failed to do it. This may not sound like much, but listen to the data: content redirection popups can recapture up to a 1/4 of leaving visitors! The average is around 10%, which is still quite good – given that you were on the verge of losing them anyway.

Optimize for Simplicity and Speed

The popup can’t take too long to show up – this is crucial. If it takes longer than 200 milliseconds, then you might lose them. This requires preloading the popup since the real-time implementation of the code takes longer than 200 milliseconds. Keep it simple and to the point to further minimize loading times. Plus – you don’t want to overload your visitors with cool but unnecessary graphics. Focus on the content, and keep it concise but informative.

Run Tests Based on Analytics

This pertains to your copy. Not testing your copy means that you’re missing out on opportunities to increase the rate of conversion. There’ve been tests run on exit-intent copy that merely altered a single tagline, which get a 47% increase in conversions!

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