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Capturing Leads and Potential Customers with Webinars

Capturing Leads and Potential Customers with Webinars

A marketer’s primary goal is to find and attract leads. But not just any lead. The best kind of lead is a potential customer who’s in your target audience, heavily interested in your product, and could potentially be not just a customer, but a repeat user of your product/service.

So how do you capture these? One essential weapon in the digital marketer’s toolbox is the webinar. A webinar can be an extremely successful tool in capturing great leads that turn into valuable customers. Here are some of the secrets to the different ways you can go about capturing those valuable leads with a live webinar.

1. Pick an Inviting, Relevant Topic

There are probably a number of subjects you could present during a webinar. But the secret to attracting the leads you want is to consider your target audience carefully and choose the topic that would be most interesting to them. If you haven’t already, develop an audience persona for the type of customer you’re hoping to attract. What are their fears and worries? What problems do they have that you can help solve? Use your frequently asked questions from current customers as webinar topics.

2. Promote Your Webinar to Your Target Audience

Of course, the best content in the world isn’t going to do much without promotion. Make sure to notify your email list about the webinar, share it on social media, use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn advertising to spread your message. Make your registration form easy to fill and shareable. Use images and intriguing headlines in your advertising. Consider doing radio or podcast interviews to reach new audiences who may be interested in your product.
Consider other fun ways to attract more leads, including giveaways or contests.

3. Pick the Right Platform

No one is going to be impressed with a webinar that is glitchy, or a lead form that doesn’t work. Chose your webinar software carefully and do a trial run before the live presentation. GotoWebinar is one of the major players in the webinar industry. Consider additional apps or software can customize your lead forms like Waftio.

4. Give Away Your Secrets

The secret to a great webinar is to give your audience something really valuable that they can use immediately, or continue to think about for the next few weeks. If you genuinely help your audience solve a problem, or improve their lives, you have them hooked. Why wouldn’t they want to consider becoming your customer?

5. Follow-Up Promptly

You’ve captured your lead, and you’ve wowed them with your secrets. Now make sure you follow-up with everyone who attended your webinar. Make sure what you’re offering is clear and it’s easy for them to take the next step, whether that’s to download a paper, purchase an e-book, or sign up for a class. Make your email content as valuable as your webinar, and you’ll have more sign-ups.

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