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Content Strategy Tips To Boost Traffic

Content Strategy Tips To Boost Traffic There is no doubt about it, content, is, indeed, king. However, you need to ensure that potential consumers are seeing your content. By implementing these content strategy tips, you will begin to see results in terms of a boost in inbound traffic in no time.

You can reach your target audience, and increase your chance of generating quality leads by using the following content strategy tips.

1.  Use Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Before publishing any post, make sure that the headlines on your posts are real eye-catchers. However great your content may be, one too many people may skip over reading the posts because the headlines are not enticing enough.

2.  Focus On Long-Tail Keywords

Conversion rates are significantly higher with long-tail keywords compared to general or common keywords. These keywords drive in more targeted traffic, resulting in less bounce rates. Targeting long-tail keywords should always rank high up in your content SEO strategy.

3.  Include More Video Content

Create engaging video content and begin to watch your traffic numbers soar. Product video demos are always a great hit, and you may have helped that customer who may have been having some difficulty using your products.

Seeing is believing, video demos may be the thing that convinces a prospective buyer to go ahead and add your products to their shopping cart.

4.  Include Infographics

A good percentage of your target audience, are likely to enjoy visual content. Think single and mixed charts, informational lists, and other types of Infographics to make your content more visual. You can use a comparison infographic to highlight the features and benefits of your products. A location-based infographic can also be perfect to show your service locations and physical location of your outlets.

5.  Guest Blogging

Create captivating content and post on reputable blogs or websites with a readership that fits well with what you would consider your target audience. Always link back to your site on these posts, and you can expect to see an increase in the quantity of quality inbound traffic.

Similarly, invite others to write guest posts on your blog. Guest bloggers will more than likely link and share to their posts on your blog, which is a great way to reach more readers and score you quality leads.

6.  Use Internal Links

Optimize the use of internal linking to, for example, showcase your products. On those top-quality blog posts, be sure to include links to other pages on your website as well as other posts on your blog that will add real value to the reader and their interests.

7.  Good Old Email Marketing

It’s tried and tested. Email marketing works. Remember to be tactical about your email marketing lest you end up with the exact opposite of the results you hope to get.

Make your emails short and straight to the point. Whether it’s a new product you wish to introduce, a reminder, or running promotions, pass across the intended message without bombarding the recipients with several long emails.

8.  Active Social Media Presence

Create and maintain an active presence across different social media platforms. Share your content on social media and ensure that the content is high quality, which will prompt your readers to share it.

Engage with readers in the comment sections and answer any questions that they may have in a timely manner. Join groups and be an active participant help get your name out there.

There are definitely more ideas worth adding to this list. That said, you can look forward to generating more leads, boosting traffic and increasing your conversion rates by beginning to implement these top content strategy tips. With every day that goes by without you implementing such strategies, you lose out on the opportunity to grow your brand and business.

How to Repurpose Your Blog Content

How to Repurpose Your Blog Content Are you getting the most out of your blog content? You spend hours on each post, researching information, looking up keywords, finding photos, creating graphics and all the other details that go into writing a  blog post. If all of that time and work goes into a single post, then you’re throwing money out the window. Repurpose your blog content is one of the most efficient ways to use your resources.

Here are a few ideas to get you started on great ways to repurpose your blog content.

Create an Ebook

Chances are, you publish a lot of blog posts on the same topic. Therefore, you can pull these posts together, write an introduction, and group them into full chapters. Your readers get a convenient way to consume a large amount of your content through one file, and you get a high-value asset to use as a lead magnet.

Syndicate Your Posts

Syndicate your high-quality blog posts. Reddit, StumbleUpon, Facebook & LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Publishing, Medium,  and Scoop are great networks for syndicating. These networks can get more traffic to your website. Websites for press releases and news sites are two good sources for syndicating your blog content.

Leverage Social Media

Think beyond Facebook, Twitter, and other general purpose social media sites. You can share links to your blog posts, with a summary, on niche social media communities. For example, you can find sites that cover pretty much any subject, and if all else fails, the massive social media site Reddit will have a community (subreddit) that tackles the topic. Make sure to read the rules for each network as they may have a strict process in place for self-promotion.

Create Infographics

Does your blog post have short, sweet snippets of information and data points? Leverage this formatting for infographics that add visual appeal to your content. Create shareable infographics that are well suited to embed on other websites and social media profiles.

Develop Content Upgrades

Some blog post types work well for different formats, such as a transcript for a podcast post. Hence, these content upgrades can be attached to the post, expanding the information available or presenting it in a different form. Don’t forget to collect the reader’s email address to add to your mailing list.

Maximize your ROI by repurposing your blog post content. When you think outside the box, you can come up with dozens of repurposing ideas for your content marketing strategy.

Make Sure Your Content Attracts Your Target Market

Make Sure Your Content Attracts Your Target Market

The first step to attracting your target market with content is knowing what they want. If you can’t give them what they’re looking for, they have no reason to go to your site.

But how? Here’s how you can know what your target market is craving:

  • Create buyer personas.

    Before knowing what your target market wants, you’ve got to know what you want first and foremost. To identify your ideal buyer, create profiles and make them as detailed as you can. Let’s say you have a travel agency. Are you targeting millennials who want to spend on budget travel? Or do you want to attract retirees who are ready to splurge on cruises? You decide.

  • Go where they go.

    Visit the forums and online groups where your target market hang out. You’ll find what hot topics they’re talking about and what problems they’re experiencing. If you can offer a solution, then voila! Instant subject for your next content!

  • Check out the competition.

    Unless you’re in a unique niche, chances are there are more successful players in your chosen industry. So take a look at the content they post and figure out what’s popular and what isn’t. This isn’t about copying — it’s about determining trends.

  • Ask for input.

    The comments section of your blog or social media page is a place for engagement, so make use of it. Invite users to share their opinions, feedback, suggestions, and even criticism. When you listen to your target market, you’ll be better equipped to address their needs.

  • Make content interactive.

    Questionnaires, quizzes, and surveys are content in themselves if you present them well. At the same time, they serve as tools to collect information from your target market.

  • Explore more than text content.

    Many people are on their tablets or smartphones, so you’ve got to consider optimization for mobile devices when creating content. Make content suitable for mobile by using subheadings, photos, and other visual dividers. Better yet, present content in a visual format like infographics, posters, or even short video clips.  Video is getting great attention for good reason.  People DO watch short videos!

  • Share in strategic cycles.

    No matter how awesome your content is, it won’t get the attention it deserves without promoting it. Fortunately, there are many channels you can go through. You can share links to your content on your social media pages, ask family and friends to share it, tap influencers within your niche (and hope they like your content enough to share it with their many followers), or pay for sponsored posts. The great thing about advertising on social media is that you can work with a small budget, unlike with traditional media such as radio, print, or TV.

These steps won’t guarantee virality, but they can guarantee you a solid following — as long as you are consistent. People, regardless of their interests, want a regular source of reliable information. This is how loyalty forms. Once you create a relationship with your target, focus on sustaining the ties by always delivering content they enjoy.