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How to Convert your Email List to Sales

How to Convert your Email List to Sales Nearly every small business marketing article will mention building an email list. However, few of these posts tell you what to do with subscribers after they sign up. When you’re ready to convert your email list into paying customers, here are some tips to put into action.

Research Competitor Email Tactics

Do you know what your audience expectations are? Your idea of an email marketing campaign and what’s standard for your industry may be completely different. Look at the phrases used in industry emails, the type of marketing materials included in the emails and other items your ideal customers may have already seen.

Develop a Valuable Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a resource that will benefit your audience enough that they will give you their email address for it. You may already have one of these for list building purposes, but it’s always a good idea to continually create new magnets to expand what’s available and to bring in more people.

Your free opt-in offer also gives a  new subscriber a chance to see your expertise. If they learn from you in your free material they’ll know they can learn from you if they pay you.

Use Personalization in Your Emails

The typical person subscribing to your emails receives hundreds or thousands of generic emails from countless businesses. They’re used to simply skimming past these one-size-fits-all messages because they don’t apply to their needs.

Segment subscribers into several interest groups and deliver messages that speak about the areas that make the most sense for that interest group. Use their name to stand out over the generic emails in their inbox.

If you have a lot of buyer data for your email list, make sure you’re leveraging it for a quality customer experience.

Automate Repetitive Processes

By automating email campaigns, you can free up a lot of time. These automated campaigns take over repetitive tasks like sending out the free opt-in offer. Schedule your free opt-in drip campaign to send a series of emails over the course of a month or year. Since your email service provider handles that side of things, you can turn your attention to developing more content or talking to potential buyers.

Build Relationships Through Consistent Newsletters

Few people are going to buy your products with your first email. Slowly develop the relationship by showing up and being consistent. Schedule your emails to arrive on the same day of the week and time of day. This practice lets customers know that you’re a reliable company.

An email list is an excellent tool for generating sales, but you need a solid strategy for turning subscribers into buyers. Start implementing these tips and you’ll see improvement from your current strategy.

Overlooked Ways to Generate Leads Online

Overlooked Ways to Generate Leads Online Lead generation is an art that requires careful planning and a creative approach. After exhausting all the obvious channels, you’ll inevitably feel like you’ve hit a roadblock. Once you find yourself at this crossroads, change your tactics and try out these alternative methods instead:

Focus on other social media platforms

Expand your reach beyond out of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Other places like Quora and Reddit are good to explore. Both platforms are social, but less personal and therefore, more targeted. They also cater to different interests, some even niche. Best of all, they have a large enough user base to make them worth a marketer’s time.

Design a free email course

People like valuable information as well as free stuff. Combine these two things in one package like a complimentary email course, and they’ll find it hard to resist. Whatever topic you choose to discuss, make sure you delve into it deep enough to make people feel like they’re part of a virtual class. If they find the experience useful, they’ll think, ‘If I already get this for free, I wonder what more I can get if I buy their products or services?’

Support a cause

Kill two birds with one stone – fulfill your civic responsibility and get leads at the same time. People are likelier to support a business with values that align with theirs, so choose a cause that’s not only close to your heart but also relevant to your brand. Sponsor a project with your charity, or donate part of your proceeds.

Start a podcast

Not everyone likes to watch or read content. Some people prefer to listen to content while running on the treadmill or typing emails at their desks. So aside from the usual articles, infographics, and videos, consider starting a podcast by uploading pre-recorded audio files or streaming a live online show. It’s a great way to appeal to people.

Create a quiz

There’s something about a quiz that draws people in. Maybe it appeals to vanity which is all part of human nature. Or maybe it piques curiosity, which is also part of human nature. Whatever the reason is, people can’t resist a quiz. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown – even a simple quiz that reveals an aspect will do.

These are just some of the alternative ways to generate leads online. You can surely come up with more on your own as long as you think outside the box. Get wacky, get crazy! Who says lead generation has to be boring?

A Guide to Free Offers that Grow Your Email List

A Guide to Free Offers that Grow Your Email List

Your email list isn’t going to grow without help, that’s the bottom line!

A few people might sign up here or there because they like what you have to say, but most need a bit of a push. You must incentivize to get sign-ups.  It’s a way of adding value and motivating the sign-up. Here are some types of free offers you can use to create a high-quality list of people who are happy to see your emails in their inboxes.


An ebook is seen as a high-value offer that also conveys authority for your brand. This content piece comes in around 2,000 words and is formatted in a visually appealing way. The typical delivery format is PDF, although you could also explore other ebook formats such as epub or a Kindle-compatible title.

Content Upgrade

Every blog post or article you create has the potential to grow your email list. Look through each post. See how you can offer a gated upgrade, such as a handy spreadsheet tool or a checklist based on the information already available. Not only is this an excellent way to provide a highly relevant offer, most of the work is already done for you.


Is your audience busy? They may not have the time to read through an entire article or guide, but they can follow a checklist of easy-to-understand and actionable steps.


Does a feature of your product or service lend itself well to a sample-size tool? For example, many companies use calculators to figure out costs for loans. If you can provide a useful free tool that relates to your primary line of business, it’s a great way to generate sign-ups and engagement.


You probably have a lot of specialized knowledge that helps you do things quicker and more efficiently than everyone else. Would this knowledge work well as a free template for your audience? People are always appreciative of time-savers that give a lot of value.

Swipe File

Are you a creative company that draws a lot of inspiration from many sources? A swipe file refers to a collection of the most inspiring pieces you’ve come across during your research. If you write a blog offer a swipe file filled with post headlines. Are you a graphic designer? Offer a swipe file filled with your favorite fonts.


Give your readers something tangible in exchange for their email. A printable is a file that the new subscriber can download and print at home. This offer can include anything from a daily planner page to a custom calendar.

Don’t have time to create your free opt-in offer? Contact our team at www.digitalhill.com to get some support and have it done for you!