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5 Ways to Get the Most Submissions on Your Survey

5 Ways to Get the Most Submissions on Your Survey
What do business owners use surveys for? They’re a great indicator of what your customers think of your business, your product/service, and how well you’re running your operation. It helps you get the pulse from the people that matter most. We’ve got 5 tips to get the most submissions on your survey.

Trying to figure out where your business could improve? Is your growth stagnate and want to know what your customer base wants to see from you next? Consider sending out an online customer survey to get direct feedback from your people quickly and easily.

Putting together a survey that asks all of the questions you want the answers to, sending it to your email list and promoting it on your website and social media platforms is fairly straightforward.

How do you get people to fill out your survey and send in their responses?

1. Create your survey online.

A whopping 9 out of 10 people prefer to fill out survey forms online.  You could get a 90% better return rate simply by moving things online rather than via the postal service.

2. Offer an incentive.

It’s simply a fact of life; people always want to know, “What’s in it for me?” The results of this survey are extremely important to your business. Offer an incentive (such as a small freebie or a discount) to take the survey. If you make it a discount, it’s worth it for your customers, but also generates you a profit.

3. Keep it short and sweet.

Most email signup forms consist of one submission: email address. That’s because the more blanks there are to fill out, the less likely someone is going to fill it out. Even if the only extra blank is for a name.

Keep your survey short and to the point. Ask exactly what you need to know and nothing more. Create checkboxes or buttons to make it easy for people to take the survey.  Users fill out more when it is quick and easy to answer versus requiring them to write responses.

4. Create clear questions.

You don’t want there to be any room for error or confusion in your survey responses. If need be, run your survey by someone who doesn’t know your business to make sure that every question makes sense and can’t be misinterpreted. An unclear question could lead to unreliable data, so don’t risk it.

5. Test different survey methods.

The best way to get the most submissions on your survey is by sending a few surveys. Not to the same people, of course. You don’t want to bombard your audience.

For example, you could create an online form to send to your email list. You could also create a feedback box on your website. Or personally, reach out to any clients that you’ve worked with or are working with now.

The best way to guarantee you get the most bang for your buck, or in this case, get the most submission on your survey, is to keep things simple, easy, and beneficial to your customer base. Unless they’re loyal customers, no one is going to spend too much time filling your survey. Think about the customer, and what they have time for.





How To Use a Survey to Enrich Your Content Marketing

How To Use a Survey to Enrich Your Content Marketing

Any company interested in its consumer’s habits is continuously mining for information. You want to know what interests them. You categorize them by demographics. You care about what they buy and why they buy. You want to understand their consumption priorities. And you’re in a perpetual race to discover the perfect method by which you can gather, analyze, and implement the results of this information.  One area of implementation is to enrich your content marketing.

So if you conduct a survey, we’ll outline the “why” and “what” for using it to help your business results.

Why should your business choose to use a web survey to enrich your content marketing?

  • You want to discover what the market believes about your business, service, or product. Do they use your product or do they prefer a competitor? What factors affect that choice? What could you do to attract new consumers to your business? What could you do to keep former customers loyal?
  • You want to collect external opinions on the internal operations of your business. What experiences have consumers had with your business and what are their opinions of those interactions? Did the consumer have a positive or negative experience with your team members? How have those experiences impacted future purchasing decisions?
  • You want to know your customers. Demographic information can be valuable to almost any business. Many consumer behaviors and trends are predicted based upon quality demographic surveys from reputable data collection firms. When you understand the patterns of specific demographic categories, you can target your choice of groups and sub-groups and plan with those groups in mind.

Now that you have your survey results, what should you do with them?

  • Evaluate the results individually and discuss them as a team. You’ve chosen to do mobile and online surveys because you believe the responses will be more genuine. Now that you have the results, it’s time to evaluate what they mean. What do they say about your product or service? What do the results communicate about the interactions with your team members? What do you need to change to retain customers and attract new ones? These decisions shouldn’t be made in a vacuum. Open the floor and discuss them with your leadership group or team members. Get ideas from your brightest minds. Embrace the best ideas, discuss implementation, and most importantly, don’t fear change.
  • Compare the results with past surveys, with industry-wide reports and surveys that have been published in industry journals. Do your results correlate with others? What factors cause the variations of preference, positive and negative? Is your industry strong and, if not, are you outperforming the competition? What can you do to avoid the negative reactions from past reports?

All companies are looking for an edge, something that will set you apart from an increasingly crowded marketplace. Surveys can be personal feedback. But be specific. Figure out what you really want to know. And why? What are you going to do when you have all the data collected? Be a leader in your chosen industry by understanding every consumer’s wants and needs better than the next business. Treat every interaction personally. Learn from surveys so that your customers will keep coming back.

With Waftio, you can easily create web surveys for your website!  Just create your questions and choose the in-line embed option to add it to a webpage on your site.

How to Create an Effective Free Opt-in Offer

How to Create an Effective Free Opt-in Offer

Getting traffic to your site is great, but what do you do when half of the traffic leaves without purchasing or leaving any trace they were there? Here’s where an opt-in offer comes into play. An opt-in offer will grow your email list and continuously generate profits. The tricky part is convincing someone to give you their email.

The most important things to keep in mind when designing your opt-in offer are:

  • What’s in it for them?
  • What message will resonate with my audience?
  • What plan do I have to ultimately convert them into a customer?

When you ask for someone’s email, offer them something valuable for their information. It’s a must! Offer a resource that has significant enough value to be a good “trade” for their email address.  As well, be upfront about what your subscriber can expect once they give you their email address. How many time will they get an email each week?  Tell them what they will receive and it’ll greatly improve your chances of getting their information.

There is a multitude of different offers to use for the opt-in offer incentive including:

  • Coupon Code
  • Webinar Content
  • Educational information i.e.- video tutorial
  • E-Book Download
  • Contest Entry
  • Exclusive offers

Another method to consider is to get an email address and other information with a loyalty points program.

Starbucks is a perfect example of great customer retention through a loyalty program that allows people to earn stars every time they make a purchase. Customers redeem their stars for free drinks, food, and products.If you offer people incentives to create an account and recurring incentives for goal completions, they’ll be 10 times more likely to return.

Once you’ve established your offer, the next step is deciding what to do once you get the email address.

This is the time to make your company’s message stand out from the emails that fill people’s inbox daily. Choose your message and how you want to deliver it, then design your email to display your message engagingly.

We hate to break it to you, but not all emails get read!  If you can get a 35% open rate on your emails you are doing well.  That’s why you need an offer that helps you gain a volume of new subscribers.

Your main message must pop off your email right away.  The subject line often makes or breaks whether the email is read.

So now that you have your email list and message, you need to think about how to get them back to your site.

Your emails should have easy to read call to actions that will bring people back to your website. Offer a promo, show a new product offering, or include an excerpt from a blog that requires people to go back to your site to continue reading. Offer your subscribers solutions to their problems or something entertaining. Make your contact list look forward to your emails and you will see your conversions rise.

There is proven growth in email marketing you just need to be creative to stand out among the millions of opt-in offers.

Your best bet in creating a successful opt-in offer is to get into the minds of your ideal customers. What do they want to know? What would make them give you their information? Answer that and your opt-in offer will do the lead generation for you.

The Waftio GoToWebinar Integration

The Waftio GoToWebinar Integration

Webinars, a cross between offline seminars and the online classrooms, allow people to interact with experts they normally will never meet. In return, marketers get a captive audience, interested in their specific industry topic, that has already self-identified when they signed up for the webinar. This makes webinars one of the best tools in the marketer’s toolkit for lead generation. While many other Internet marketing strategies can drive traffic to your website, webinars have an additional advantage of identifying who it is that has visited and gathering their contact information.
Here’s a few ways to craft a webinar that will draw plenty of potential customers straight to your doors.

Pick a Killer Topic

Have you noticed how many people are asking you to reveal some of your secrets online? Do your customers all seem to have one unique problem that reoccurs that you happen to excel at solving? Explore topics with large appeal. Check trending topics in social networks or search engines. You’ll get massive interest that way. Announce your topic on social media channels and send them back to your website to sign up for the webinar.

Make It Exciting

You can limit the attendance to give it a more intimate feel or make it a massive two-hour event with multiple speakers. It’s your choice. To set a webinar up with multiple presenters, offer to cross-promote their products and services. Add video and slides to your solo presentation to make it juicier. Include some Q&A. Many people sign up for seminars in the hopes of getting their questions addressed, instead of buying personal consultation time. In this way, you can serve these people in a public venue while creating more lead generation opportunities for yourself.

Do Double Duty with Seminars

You can create marketing material from a seminar, as long as you have permission to use the materials this way from your attendees and presenters. Just take a short clip of a speaker panel, answering one question, or the demo of a specific product or service and publish it to video on Facebook or YouTube. Use snapshots for Instagram. Create transcripts from the webinar and include it in ebooks or as promotional material. Create a survey to find out what types of future topics your participants want to hear more on. Don’t let the end of the seminar be the end of your interaction with attendees!

Keep Them Wanting More

To make sure they stay in their seats for the whole seminar, add a drawing at the end for a big prize for attending the seminar to be given to someone who is present at the end of the random drawing. This can give people more reason to participate and stick around, leading to more opportunities to market other products and services while in the seminar.

Why Waftio Is Ideal for Webinars

Waftio can let you customize your registration and signup form with your design and style. You can collect as much or as little information as you want upon signup. With its integration with your GoToWebinar account, you won’t waste time duplicating effort across multiple systems. It’s all very seamless to the user and you, the business owner. Watfio also has a survey app that you can use after the webinar to help you get some ideas of what worked and what didn’t and how to improve future webinars.

Next time you are thinking of setting up a webinar, use Waftio and watch your marketing leads skyrocket.

The Value of Website Engagement

The Value of Website Engagement

In this day and age, every business knows the value of a good website. A website with professional graphics, high-quality content, and easy navigation makes a positive impression on potential buyers and will help you score sales.

A lesser-known opportunity for a website is engagement, grabbing a person’s attention when they get to your site and encouraging them to interact with your site.  This takes intentionality and often tools to help prompt the engagement.  When done well it helps people to remember your business and builds a positive first connection.

Here are four more benefits of WebSite Engagement

1. Get’s Rid of Searching

Tools that “capture attention” on websites make it easier for a customer to interact with the site. Instead of having to scroll through the site to find a contact page or subscription form, they’ll see the Waftio form spring out at them and can immediately make inquiries or feedback. People are often in a hurry and have limited time to spend on your site. The quicker you get their attention and get them what they need the more engagement you’ll have.

2. Attention-Grabbing

With all the things vying for people attention, from funny YouTube videos to viral Instagram photos, it can be hard to capture a person’s attention online. Tools such as Waftio play into that instant gratification and quick access to tools that jump out on the page and are fun and interactive.

Instead of a plain, boring form which could be easily overlooked, the website visitor will be immediately drawn in by something that jumps out at them. You’ll get more subscriptions, registrations, and inquiries which can lead to potential sales.

3. Learn New Information

Because people have a limited amount of time and attention, if you want feedback on how a product is doing, you aren’t going to get by sending out an email begging customers to take a survey. With Waftio, the shake of the survey form will capture attention, be enticing, and you’ll get more responses.

4.  Share on Social Media

Waftio is different than it’s closest competitors because it has a social component. The tool offers the opportunity to share survey forms on social media upon completing them. Your business will get more exposure, more traffic, and more potential leads will come to your website.

That’s four more ways you can use Waftio to your benefit on your website.  Try the free trial today!