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5 Ways Non-profits Can Grow Their Email List

5 Ways Non-profits Can Grow Their Email List

Time and again, it’s been proven that email lists are effective marketing tools. A targeted list can get people back on your website, share news, and grow your volunteer and donor base. It’s a way to stay in touch, stay top-of-mind, and build trust. If you’re still wondering how you can start building or grow a non-profit email list, read on!

We’ve got 5 simple, actionable steps you can take to grow your email list!

1. Put a Form on Every Web Page

Make it as simple as possible for people to sign up for your email list. Place your signup forms high on your page, above the fold if possible, and put one on every page. The goal is to make them as easy as possible to find because most visitors won’t search for them.  One great way to do this is with a pop-up box or widget, using a tool like Waftio.

2. Create a Great Offer

Sometimes, just receiving your newsletter is not enough of an incentive. If your subscriptions are falling, creating a free download to entice people to sign up can make all the difference. A report, short e-book or even a free learning series can encourage people to sign up. Figure out what that incentive is and use it!

3. Encourage Sharing

If you’re like most non-profits, you already have a network of volunteers and employees. Ask them to sign up for your newsletter, and share your emails with their network. There’s a reason why networking is such a powerful marketing tool. Even if you have a small group of followers now and each of them shares your message with 10 friends, you could reach hundreds or even thousands of people!

4. Market Your Newsletter Everywhere

Don’t stop at a subscription form on your website. Mention your newsletter on your email signature and letterhead. Share it on your social channels, and advertise it at real world events. The more you talk about your newsletter, the more subscriptions you’ll get.

5. Send Great Newsletters

The final step is also the most important: make sure that once you have all those email addresses, you use them wisely. Send out regular (but not super frequent), interesting and valuable newsletters that your list will look forward too. That will increase their engagement with your cause.

Your non-profit email list can be a great asset to your organization. If you don’t already make the most of it, we hope these tips will help you. And to help your non-profit be successful with lead generation we’re offering a discount on Waftio. Use the code 50offplans and you’ll receive 50% off either plan for 3 months.

Best Practices for a Lead Capture Popup

Best Practices for a Lead Capture Popup

In the constantly improving field of conversion optimization, exit-intent popups are now a big thing. Exit-intent technology leads to more email subscriptions by engaging a visitor just as they are about to leave your site. The popup is your attempt to reach out and create a relationship – so to speak.

The technology is able to react when it detects that the visitor is about to navigate away from the browser page, and initiates to them a popup box. This tool gives you a chance to communicate why the visitor should consider subscribing, offer them something of value in exchange for signing up, and takes advantage of the 10-15% of lost visitors that can be saved and ushered back into the sales funnel.

Let’s learn how to best use exit-intent technologies to capture more leads.

Develop and Bolster Your Email List

You don’t always have to use an exit-intent popup to make a sale; data from Optimonk shows that sites have success in capturing emails for a subscriber’s list, not necessarily a direct sale. In fact, you can recover between 3 to 5% of traffic that you would have lost by installing a popup request to join your email list. Further, boost these numbers by up to nearly 10% by offering an incentive such as a white paper or ebook in exchange for the sign-up.

Use Cart Abandonment to Your Advantage

However, exit intent is a great strategy for e-commerce site sales. It turns out that exit-intent popup technology successfully recaptures about 10% of the business that would otherwise be lost. It can go as high as 15% with certain considerations. For one; remove the email requirement and simply offer an immediate discount if they purchase now instead of abandoning the cart. This can simply involve free shipping – it often works wonders!

The Exit-Intent Redirect Popup

Another use for popups that’s been successful is the redirection option. When the exit-intent tech thinks your visitor may be leaving the site, the popup appears to direct the traffic to another page on your website. It provides you with another shot at conversion if your landing page failed to do it. This may not sound like much, but listen to the data: content redirection popups can recapture up to a 1/4 of leaving visitors! The average is around 10%, which is still quite good – given that you were on the verge of losing them anyway.

Optimize for Simplicity and Speed

The popup can’t take too long to show up – this is crucial. If it takes longer than 200 milliseconds, then you might lose them. This requires preloading the popup since the real-time implementation of the code takes longer than 200 milliseconds. Keep it simple and to the point to further minimize loading times. Plus – you don’t want to overload your visitors with cool but unnecessary graphics. Focus on the content, and keep it concise but informative.

Run Tests Based on Analytics

This pertains to your copy. Not testing your copy means that you’re missing out on opportunities to increase the rate of conversion. There’ve been tests run on exit-intent copy that merely altered a single tagline, which get a 47% increase in conversions!

Don’t wait any longer – sign-up for a free trial of Waftio today to begin taking advantage of exit-intent tech today!Save

Marketing Agency Uses for Waftio Lead Capture

Marketing Agency Uses for Waftio Lead Capture

We all know our website should be more than just an online brochure or showroom for our business. Its main function, as far as the visitor is concerned, is to educate them about your product and/or service. But as business owners, we know the truth. Your website is there to convert visitors into leads and leads into sales. Of course, you don’t want to be that obvious. A hard sell doesn’t go down well, especially when people are in the very early stages of the sales cycle.

How do you Convert Visitors into Leads?

To convert an anonymous visitor into a lead you must interact with them in some way. You need some information from them and some way to stay in touch. You carefully place calls-to-action throughout your site and hope someone is ready to contact you. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they aren’t ready to ask you a question and certainly aren’t ready to part with their contact information. Once that visitor leaves your site there is no guarantee they will return. Therefore, you must offer them something of value in return for them filling out a contact form. This is where Waftio Lead Capture can help.

What is Waftio Lead Capture and How Can it Help?

  • Encourages visitors to stay longer on your site
  • Boosts visitor engagement
  • Interacts with visitors from any page on your site
  • Offers fun way to promote your business
  • Increases your customer lead database
  • Integrates with multiple CRM / Email services / GoToWebinar

How Does Waftio Work?

Before we go into detail about Waftio you need to understand how pop-ups work. There are two different types of pop-ups.


A pop-up appears on top of your current browser. They can pop-up from any side, top, or bottom of the page. They can look like an image, a contact form, and can even shake or quiver.

Pop-ups used to be in a new browser window or tab but nowadays they are usually modal. This means they run as part of the page your visitor is on and cannot be blocked by pop-up blockers.


A pop-under appears under the page your visitor is reading. This makes them less noticeable and also easier to block with pop-up blockers. They are useful when asking the visitor to fill out a survey based on their experience on your site.

Generically they are both referred to as pop-ups.

Pop-up Triggers

There are three ways to activate a pop-up on a website.


A time activated pop-up appears when a visitor has been on your site for a certain amount of time. This gives the visitor time to look around before seeing the offer/ad.


A behavior activated pop-up appears when a certain condition is met. E.g. – clicked on a certain page, visited a certain number of pages, or scrolled down to a particular part of a page etc.


An exit activated pop-up appears when a visitor leaves your site. It allows you to extend a special offer or entice them back to your site.

What does Waftio Offer?

Waftio offers three applications that encourage the visitor to interact with your site.


Ask your visitor a question. Capture their response and contact information. This can give you information and also grow your email list.


Sign-up visitors for your newsletter, event, webinar, etc. from a form on any or all pages.

Sweepstakes Contest

Contests and giveaways are a great way to collect information from visitors.

The type of pop-up you use and how you activate it will depend on your offers and goals.

Whatever you use, Waftio is easy to operate and integrates well with many popular marketing platforms currently being utilized. It can be a key tool in helping your site move from just an information source online, to a lead generation tool that yields real business results!

5 Tricks to Get the Best Opt-in Forms

5 Tricks to Get the Best Opt-in Forms

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a marketer is assuming that if a lead has clicked on your call-to-action, they are as good as converted. The lead still has to fill out your form, which means they can still change their mind and leave your page.

If you find the number of views of your landing page is substantially larger than your lead captures, there could be a problem with your form.

Here are some of the common reasons why your opt-in form is failing to capture leads:

1. You’re asking for too much information

The shorter your form, the more willing people will be to complete it. If the form looks like a test, most will skip it. You should limit the form to 2  to 3 fields. People don’t have patience, and the last thing they’re going to do is take the time to answer lots of questions.

2. You’re asking for information that’s too personal

Most people are uncomfortable giving personal information via the internet. Obviously, you have to ask for a name and email address. Most people realize they have to provide this information.

However, you shouldn’t ask for other information, like phone numbers and company names. This makes people uncomfortable – especially since there are a lot of websites that the sell information they collect.

3. Your leads don’t feel secure

Almost everybody will have second thoughts before they fill out a form on a website. Do they really want to provide you with information that you can use to spam them?

Demonstrate the safety and security of your site to help alleviate these fears by including the following:

  • Social Proof – Add social proof to your landing page. Add the number of shares or likes the landing page has gotten, the number of downloads you’ve gotten (if you’re offering free downloadable content in exchange for filling out the form) or even customer testimonials.
  • Privacy Policy – Provide a link to your privacy policy to reassure leads you won’t sell their personal information. A good place to put the link is under the field asking for their email address.
  • Authority Endorsement – Any endorsements from an authoritative source, guarantees or third-party security certifications should be displayed on the form.

4. You’re not positioning the form above the fold

When a lead arrives on your landing page, make sure your form is in full view. A lead should not have to scroll down the page in search of the form; there’s a chance that they may get distracted and simply forget why they’re there. Always position your form above the fold (meaning the visible area on a web page) so your leads don’t have to search to find it.

5. You’re not testing your forms

Use variations of your forms and do A/B testing to determine which variation is more effective at capturing leads.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your opt-in forms when it comes to capturing leads. Be sure to avoid some of these more common mistakes to make sure your forms are efficient.

5 Ways to Use Waftio Lead Capture Features

5 Ways to Use Waftio Lead Capture Features

Your company website is probably the most powerful marketing tool you have. Unfortunately, too many business owners are underutilizing this power by not capturing leads on their site. This crucial mistake means that you’re not expanding your client base by collecting valuable customer data. The good news is that Waftio offers 5 fun and engaging ways to add lead capture features to your website.

1. Quick Contact Form

One of the simplest ways to use the Waftio lead capture feature is by adding a quick contact form to your website. This form should encourage your online visitors to provide you with vital contact information, such as first and last name, their email address and question or comment.

2. Contests

Contests have become extremely popular among online users. Businesses are using this enthusiasm not just to drive traffic to their website, but also as an effective lead generation tool. Every customer, or prospective customer, that enters your contest with hopes of winning the prize, also provides you with valuable contact information. You can use this data later for marketing purposes.
Create a quick “enter to win” sweepstakes contest and use the Waftio features to make it live, allow only 1 entry per email address, and even end the contest automatically at a set time!

3. eBooks

EBooks provide a great way to provide your customers or potential customers with valuable information, and portray your company as an industry leader. More importantly, eBooks are a great marketing tool for growing leads. As customers sign up to receive your eBook, gather their contact information for future use and email nurture marketing.

Waftio is integrated with Mailchimp, AWeber, and Infusionsoft for easy integration of emails captured into lists in those systems.

4. Webinar Sign-ups

Do you have something you want to teach your customers? Consider hosting a webinar.

This will give you a chance to engage directly with your clients and to promote your business. When hosting a webinar, be sure to use a registration form to collect names and emails. Not only will this allow you to send out email reminders about the webinar, but future emails, as well.

Waftio has direct integration with GotoWebinar, the leading webinar software tool.

5. Event Registration

Need a quick way to capture event registrations across your website?

Whether you are planning a special online event or an in-store special event, be sure to provide an online registration option. This will allow you to track the number of guests that plan to attend your event and gather vital customer information. Use this information to send out event reminders, event follow-up material, and future marketing emails.

With Waftio, these lead capture features can be added to your current website in a variety of ways, such as installing it as a widget pop-up or pop-up box, embedding it on your web page, or adding it directly on your landing page. Waftio’s features can be integrated with MailChimp, InfusionSoft, Aweber, and GoToWebinar. Start using your website to its fullest potential today, with the help of Waftio’s effective and engaging lead capture features.