Why Website Lead Capture Matters

How is your website performing?

Is it generating leads for you?

Why Website Lead Capture Matters

Why Website Lead Capture Matters:

One of the biggest mistakes websites make today is the lack of a call-to-action or lead generator.

It’s just often times missing!

Your contact form is not a call-to-action.

Your “Products” page is not a lead generator.

You need to offer something of value that is related to your product or service that helps you move the user from visitor to a warm lead.  Online, we often define a lead as a email address.  It’s a definite communication piece by which you can reach the person again and again.

You want to grow more leads.

Your website should help you do that!

Waftio can help.

Waftio allows you to add simple lead capture form tools to your website or a specific web page that helps you obtain the key and valued email address.  Plus, it gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience.  To get them to interact with you a bit.

If it takes 7 contacts with a business before people feel comfortable buying from them, don’t you want to increase your touch points with them and move them along towards 7 positive connections with your business?

Waftio offers a simple footer form widget, a pop-up box, and a embeddable form tool to help you generate leads.  Offer a free resource that adds value to your visitors using the waftio apps, or even run a simple sweepstakes on your website with Waftio and grow that all-important email list.

Free resource ideas:

Have visitors sign-up to get a free ebook, to see a video, to download a buyer’s guide, or to get a coupon!

So take a look at your website.  Are you offering a value proposition?  Are you offering lead generators?

It’s as simple as setting up and dropping a bit of code on your site! Check out the Waftio app below to see how it works!

Website lead capture matters.  Be sure to add lead capture tools to your site today!

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