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We try to answer all your standard questions about App setup and functionality here.  

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What is Waftio?

Waftio is a powerful tool to help you grow leads and boost engagement on your website!


Your website is your key sales and marketing tool online.  As such, it’s important to have visitors stick around as long as possible.  A central way to do that is to engage them, and that’s where Waftio comes in.  Waftio allows you to create a lead magnet that can follow the user across your site.  


Have them answer a survey question and share it with their social networks.  


Allow them to enter a giveaway sweepstakes for a chance to win something (and a chance for you to grow your email list!)


Get key visitor feedback on items that matter most with a simple form on your site.  It’s simply a great way to grow leads and interact with your site visitors.


Why use Waftio?

Rather than a boring “contact us” or “Sign-up here box” waftio gives you a neat little form widget you can add to one page of your website or the entire website.  We collect the data captured and store it for you.  With integrations including Mailchimp, Aweber, InfusionSoft, and GoToWebinar, we make it seamless to add your sign-ups to your email and marketing services.


What’s better, the boring GoToWebinar sign-up page you can’t control, or your own web page where you control all the details and seamlessly allow them to sign-up for your webinar?  Yeah, we think so too!

Bonus...We give you stats on where and how your visitors interact.  We tell you what page they signed up on and if what device (mobile, computer, etc) they were on!  Giving you the power to capture the data and see what is working best.