How Mobile Internet Use Impacts Website Lead Capture

How Mobile Internet Use Impacts Website Lead Capture

As pretty much everyone knows, mobile devices have now become the most popular form of Internet access. That dominance is expected to increase in the future.

Since it has such an extraordinary impact on all aspects of online activity, it simply makes sense to adjust your lead capture strategies for the growing tide of mobile device users. That’s why so many businesses are taking steps to include mobile marketing initiatives in their overall strategy for lead capture.

Simpler calls to action

Simplify your call to action (CTA) form. Think of how it will look on a mobile device, especially in the limited space available on a smartphone. As long as you include the essentials, your CTA will be effective and visually appealing to a smartphone user.

  • All images used must display well on the small screen
  • Clickable text must be easy to click or use an image like a button to make clicking easy.
  • All text should be very clear about prompting the user to take a specific action.

Successive profile forms

If you try to crowd too many questions on a single screen, the most likely result will be an abandoned screen. Rather than loading up the screen with all the questions you want to be answered for a user profile, design a series of profile screens which ask all the questions. Put these in an easy-to-read format for smartphone users. Use self-filling forms for subsequent visits.

Think small screens with your content

Users access online information throughout the day on their mobile devices. Your content needs to be optimized for display on small screens, and this means you need to plan your content accordingly.

  • All content must be easy to read, in short paragraphs which incorporate bullet points.
  • Headlines should be used to precede paragraphs.
  • The most important material in your content should always be placed near the beginning, where it has the best chance of being seen and read.

Promote customer loyalty

Offer customer loyalty programs with discounts or other promotions which can be redeemed via mobile devices. Statistics show that retail stores using loyalty programs:

  • Almost always have a significant increase in dollar spent per sale.
  • An increase in the frequency of visits.
  • A significant return on investment when offering a loyalty program.

Use hyperlinked phone numbers

This is very simple to set up, and it takes advantage of mobile device usage – mobile users are ready to take action when they search. By giving them hyperlinked phone numbers, you make it easy to take action. The easier it is to take action, the more likely they will take it.

Consider starting a text campaign

Text messages have a very high read rate compared to most other marketing media. It’s one way you can take advantage of the power of mobile devices. For instance, by texting a simple keyword to a number which you provide, any user can be given the opportunity to opt-in for some reward, in exchange for providing their phone number or email address.

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