Ways to Use Waftio for Your Next Product Launch

Ways to Use Waftio for Your Next Product Launch

Waftio is a set of 3 apps (Survey App, Form App, and Sweepstakes App) all designed to engage your customers and enhance your business at the same time.

You can deploy each one as a landing page, an embedded object, a widget popup, or a popup box. Out of all 4, landing pages and embedded objects are generally acceptable to use, but popups are a little more controversial. The typical visitor is annoyed with popups because they interfere with browsing. There’s nothing subtle about them.

But it’s this lack of subtlety that makes them work so well. They grab attention and demand action when done right. To ensure that you’re tantalizing your visitors more than annoying them, here are some creative ways to use Waftio popups your next product launch:

  • Ask for your visitors’ opinion
    People will feel more engaged if they know their voice counts, so include them in some decision-making processes, no matter how small. Have them vote on a name for a new product, or ask them what they want to see for the next launch.
  • Show them a sneak peek
    A product launch should generate buzz even before its scheduled release. A good way to do this is by offering a sneak peak via an inviting announcement on a popup.
  • Give discounts
    Who doesn’t want a good deal? But don’t give it away too easily. Ask people sign up with their email addresses to get an exclusive promo code. Just make sure your promo is worth their effort.
  • Offer interesting content for download
    When you post relevant information on your site, people are likely to provide their contact information in exchange for additional content. So work on your blog posts first. Once you’ve got that covered, visitors will be looking for ways to contact you instead of the other way around. This makes popups more welcome than usual.
  • Address an FAQ
    It’s frustrating to have to hunt for the FAQ section of a site to get a useful answer. To show visitors that you care about their needs, provide an answer to a few FAQs on a popup. This works so much better if the answer is positive (e.g., Free shipping? We got that covered!)
  • Run a contest with a cool prize
    People will go to great lengths to win a fun freebie, so if your prize is interesting enough, even a popup screen covering the whole page won’t faze determined visitors.

But as interesting as these popups are, give your visitors an easy way out. You can design your popups to be as big and colorful as you want. But make the close button accessible and visible. The last thing you want is for a visitor to leave your site because they can’t get past the popups on the page.

Popups are irritating if they solely serve your business’ purpose, and not your visitors’. Make your popups matter by keeping in mind what your visitors want.